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Name: Vladyslav Pashynskykh
Occupation: DevOps Engineer, FOSS advocate and privacy activist
Location: Ukraine
Interests: Privacy and FOSS, Watches, Progressive Rock
Languages: Ukrainian, English, and a little bit of German and Norwegian


All articles now are represented as plain text files. You can find a list of them here.

Here's my favourite:


User ID: Vladyslav Pashynskykh <[email protected]>
Key ID: 0xFDA5F619F675651A
Fingerprint: 8E59 F258 4C97 99DF FED6 20E2 FDA5 F619 F675 651A
Public key: pashynskykh.pub


E-Mail: [email protected] (preferably with PGP/GnuPG)


LinkedIn: Vladyslav Pashynskykh
XING: Vladyslav Pashynskykh

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